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Personal Stylist  Melbourne

Clothes make me happy!

Champagne, a beautiful pair of shoes, exercise and being by the ocean are my simple pleasures.

I am mum to three, wife to one and know the pressure put on women to look and feel a certain way no matter what stage of life you are in.  When I get dressed in the morning it is always with thought and purpose about how I want to feel that day.

My styling career began in the U.K. in 2014.  Styling professional woman with busy careers while raising a family.  Everyone's needs are different and as I got to know more women, I was increasingly aware that styling is about confidence.  Confidence in who you are, who you want to be and being able to be you in all situations, whether that's dropping the children off at school, leading a board meeting or going on a date.

To be able to express yourself through your clothes, to give yourself outward and inward confidence is something that has always resonated with me.

Feeling good in your own skin, projecting confidence, strength, femininity, sex appeal, fun, quirkiness or any number of traits simply through clothes is a choice you can make just for yourself.

Giving yourself permission to try, experiment and make choices that reflect you.  Too often we are weighed down by the expectation of what we think we should look and feel like, instead of listening to our own feelings.

When you learn how simple it is to take control of your wardrobe instead of it controlling you and your state of mind, clothes will make you happy too!

Now styling the ladies of Melbourne and loving living in the Bayside area (beach walks with a local coffee), I love to hear how I am giving you the skills to take control of your wardrobe and style choices.

"It felt empowering to make decisions that ultimately make me feel better about myself....I didn't feel self-conscious at all so I was able to have fun"  Kate F 2020

I look forward to helping you too.


"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the women who is wearing it"

Yves Saint Laurent

2021 Style Notes By Kellie

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