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Wardrobe Consultation

Style Goals

Re-program your thinking and gain a new wardrobe without shopping for more clothes!

We will work through your existing clothes and discuss what works for your body shape and lifestyle. By trying on each item you will be empowered to make decisions about:  what clothes work well for you, what no longer works, which items to keep, how to tailor pieces to better fit your shape and which items to introduce to your wardrobe to update your style and guide future choices.

Styling tips to make the most of your clothes and to change the way you wear items, a roll here or a tuck there can make all the difference to how you feel and look.

Organising tips to help you view your pieces and find outfits with ease, using your accessories to flatter and finish an outfit.

Gain control of your dressing habits, discover your own style language and learn how to dress your unique shape, becoming aware of any negative self talk around your body or style.

You will be left feeling in control and I will send you your personal Style Notes on our session to remind you of everything we talked through, with links to pieces that will compliment your existing wardrobe, creating a whole new range of updated style choices.

Up-to 4 Hours $400

I have just had the most fantastic wardrobe consultation with Kellie. I have cleared out things I no longer wear or like, but most importantly I have been shown ways to wear things that I would never have considered. I am so excited to go to my wardrobe now and try all the new ideas out. I'm not going to save things for a special occasion, I am going to wear all my lovely clothes and feel great. Thank you so much Kellie!

Laura W

Style Notes By Kellie 2021

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